Prostic Preceptorship 2022, happening the 1st and 2nd of April


Session 1: What is the role of PSMA PET/CT in early stage prostate cancer
Session Chair: Prof. Louise Emmett

Co-Chair: A/Prof. Shankar Siva
When do I use PSMA PET/CT in staging and biochemical recurrence: urologists perspective
Dr. Renu Eapen
PSMA PET for staging: current evidence base
Dr. Su-Faye Lee
Clinical trial data uses CT/bone scanning: how do we manage patients in the PSMA PET era? (focus of “non-metastatic” & high-volume/low-volume)
Prof. Wolfgang Fendler
Spoilt for choice with Ga-68 PSMA-11, F-18 DCFPyL & F-18 PSMA1007: is there a difference?
Prof. Thomas Hope
Best practice PSMA PET/CT: accepted use criteria, standardised reporting
Prof. Thomas Hope
How PSMA PET/CT can improve delivery of radiotherapy
A/Prof. George Hruby
Will PSMA PET/CT replace mpMRI for diagnosis of prostate cancer?
A/Prof. Daniel Moon
PSMA PET/CT: how we interpret changes in uptake intensity following ADT?
Prof. Louise Emmett
Session 2: MDT
Session Chair: Prof. Michael Hofman

Co-Chair: A/Prof. Sze-Ting Lee
MDT Panel - PSMA PET/CT “live” cases: pearls and pitfalls
Peter Mac MDT Panel
Session 3: Evidence-based PSMA radioligand therapy
Session Chair: Prof. Mark Rosenthal

Co-Chair: Ms Elizabeth Medhurst
Guiding current practice with best available evidence: TheraP and VISION
Dr. Aravind Ravi Kumar
How I Select Patients
Prof. Michael Hofman
Aussie leading the way with Investigator Initiated Trials: emerging combinations in mCRPC
"Novel Radionuclide Treatment Combinations"
A/Prof. Shahneen Sandhu
Multi-centre trials in Australia: collaborative approach
A/Prof. Roslyn Francis
Global clinical trial landscape: trials underway or about to commence
Prof. Thomas Hope
Navigating gaps in level 1 evidence: what do the experts do in tricky situations
Prof. Silke Gillessen
Theranostics Landscape: What's required for optimal patient outcomes

Theranostics Landscape: Partnering for optimal patient outcomes
A/Prof. Sze-Ting Lee
Next generation research - How I do it.
Prof. Veeru Kasivisvanathan
Session 4: The Theranostic Suite: how we run it from 7 perspectives
Session Chair: Prof. Stephen Stuckey

Co-Chair: Ms Jenny Marcen
Nuclear medicine specialist: more than just a service provider
A/Prof. Grace Kong
Nuclear medicine technologist: administration and post therapy imaging
Mr Mark Scalzo
Nurse specialist: fully integrated
Ms Elizabeth Medhurst
Medical Physicist
"Dosimetry in Lu-PSMA Therapy: Practical and Technical Considerations"
Dr. Price Jackson
Medical oncologist: bringing it all together
A/Prof. Arun Azad
Radiopharmacy: how the kitchen operates - a unique medicinal environment
Dr. Mohammad Haskali
Patient perspective: what I value
Mr Neville Bird
Session 5: The art of PSMA theranostics

Session Chair: Prof. Ian Davis

Co-Chair: Ms Julia Keenan

How I sequence LuPSMA in the landscape of increasing options for mCRPC?
Dr. Louise Kostos
Prognostic and predictive imaging biomarkers: PSMA and FDG PET/CT
Dr. James Buteau
Future PSMA: how deep learning artificial intelligence will change the way you work
Mr. Lachlan McIntosh
Next generation PSMA: Actinium and beyond
Dr. Matthias Eiber
Deep Learning of PSMA PET: will AI replace human?
Dr. Andrei Gafita
Other biomarkers in prostate cancer: CTCs, ctDNA and beyond
Dr. Heidi Fettke
Session 6: MDT
Session Chair: Prof. Declan Murphy

Co-chair: Prof. Louise Emmett
Multi-disciplinary team discussion of complex cases, complex decisions
Session 7: The Barry Elderfield Lecture

HARDtalk - in depth interview with hard hitting questions covering all things PSMA
Session Chair: A/Prof Shahneen Sandhu
In a world first, join Professor Thomas Hope, Professor Michael Hofman and Professor Declan Murphy, as they HARDtalk the hot topics and hard hitting questions of “The current state of PSMA” and “What’s coming next”.

Prof. Michael Hofman, Prof. Declan Murphy & Prof. Thomas Hope
Session 8: Consumer
Session Chair: Prof. Jeff Dunn

Ask the Experts – Representation: Q&A & Panel discussion

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This session is proudly presented in collaboration with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
Consumer Advocates